#READ1040 : Breaking the Ice by Gail Nall

January 31, 2015

4 books down. 6 to go for #READ1040 (read 10 books in 40 days).

Book 4:

Breaking the Ice by Gail Nall

I’ve been excited to read this book for months, ever since I “met” Gail via twitter, during PitchWars. First of all, she has an incredible story that she’s shared on Brenda Drake’s blog. You really should read it.

I absolutely adored this book. It was charming, sweet, wholesome, with just a touch of pre-teen sass. Kaitlin’s journey took me back to my middle school years, with all the adorable and awkward that comes with it. Before I read BREAKING THE ICE, I knew next to nothing about figure skating, but it didn’t take long for me to become wrapped up in Kaitlin’s world of zambonis, skate guards, and double axels.

The story begins with Kaitlin’s less-than-graceful reaction when she learns she’s received embarrassingly low scores after her skating routine. Acting completely out of character, she yells at the judges in front of all the other competitors and their families. Mortified, she’s expelled from her training club, and shipped off to the laughable Fallton club, where she attempts to turn over a new leaf. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this book, though it might be a bonus, as Kaitlin’s entire life—as well as her parents’ lives—completely revolve around Kaitlin’s skating. 

Ultimately, this is a story of second chances, redemption, and forgiveness as Kaitlin navigates her world of friendship, first crushes, and what it means to find your own voice and follow your dreams. 

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