About Me

I am a homeschool mama by day, and children's book author by night--which really should come with tights and a cape (I know, I know... that was cheese-ball, but... I write middle grade, so I get a pass, right?) . 

When I'm not writing, daydreaming, or wrangling my three small children, then I'm probably watching Doctor Who  (I still miss the bow tie) or Parks & Recreation reruns or losing myself in a new book.

My love of stories began in second grade on the library floor, in the children’s fantasy section. It was there I found myself completely at home amongst dragons, castles, wizards and magic. Since then, fantastical stories seemed to have made a habit of bouncing around in my head with remarkable persistence. 

I finished my third novel this year (well, kind of my fourth, but that's a different story), and I'm currently in the middle of writing a handful of others.

I currently live in Elk Grove, CA with my awesome husband and three sons.

Thanks so much for stopping by--feel free to stay awhile!

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