Slush Pile: Behind the Scenes with Jordy Albert

February 3, 2015

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m very excited to have literary agent, Jordy Albert, of The Booker Albert Literary Agency join us today! Not only is she a fellow Whovian—which makes her extra awesome—but she is super nice and friendly. You’ll definitely want to keep her in mind for querying! And now, join me for a behind-the-scenes look at what really goes on as agents are sifting through their query inbox, reading submissions, and, of course… signing a new client!



MR: What is your query-reading process? Do you read them as they come in or do you designate certain times of the day? Do you sort them out, or just plow through all at once? 

JA: It all depends on how much reading I have, but I do try to read them as they come in. 

MR: Roughly how many of your current clients came to you via query?

JA: I've signed all my clients from queries so far. 


MR: If you request a manuscript, do you always request a partial first or do you sometimes ask for a full right away (and why?). 

JA: Most of time I'll usually ask for a partial, but I have requested fulls right away if the pages really pulled me in. 

MR: Do you read manuscripts in the order they’re received or in order of what looks most appealing? Do you always read the whole thing or do you stop when you lose interest?

JA: I try to read things in order, but I sometimes have to rearrange my reading list. While I would love to read each manuscript all the way through, if I'm not enjoying what I'm reading I'll usually stop...there's just so much to read. 

MR: After reading a MS do you know right away that you want to represent that author or is there a certain process you go through to reach that decision?

JA: If I love a manuscript, I usually know right away...I've offered representation in less than a week. 

New Clients:

MR: What happens after you sign a new client? What's the next step for that author?

JA: After I sign a client, we usually work on revisions if necessary. While my client is working on polishing their manuscript, I'm putting together a list of editors to approach that I think might be a good fit for his/her work. 

MR: Most authors only dream about landing an agent. How different is life for an author on "the other side" of signing with an agent? Is there anything new clients are typically surprised by (both pleasantly and unexpectedly?) 

JA: After an author has signed with an agent, they can focus more on their writing again instead of keeping track of who they queried and such. It can be long process from querying to publication.

For fun:

MR: Your ultimate vacation: 

JA: Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I was lucky enough to ever get over there and got to stand in front of Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum...I'd probably cry my eyes out.  

MR: If you could be dropped into any story (book, movie, or tv), where would you want to go, and why? 

JA: Doctor Who!

MR:  Who's your role-model (literary or otherwise)?  

JA: Wow...this is tough. Two authors that have really had an impact on me are J.K. Rowling and Karen Marie Moning. Both phenomenal writers. Love them!

From her agency’s website: 

She is looking for stories that sink their teeth in, leave the reader wanting more, and gives her all the feels. She loves books that make her laugh out loud or tear up (or in some cases wanting to throw the book). She is interested in Middle Grade contemporary or action/adventure (think Indiana Jones, Goonies, Labyrinth and other awesome 80s movies). In YA and New Adult, she is looking for sci-fi/fantasy (romance), contemporary romance. She’s also always looking for characters with strong, authentic voices. Jordy loves an awesome kick butt hero/heroine, especially when they have to work their way out of a tight spot. While it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, she tends to shy away from novels with trigger topics, such as suicide and any type of abuse.

As for adult works, Jordy is looking for smart, sexy contemporary romances that leave her breathless, and where the chemistry between the characters sizzles right off the pages. She is also looking for Historical Romances (she definitely has a soft spot for Regency). Like Brittany, Jordy is a sucker for a HEA! Some favorite authors include Sabrina Jeffries, Teresa Medeiros, Karen Marie Moning, Kresley Cole, Lauren Layne, and Gena Showalter.

If you are looking to query Ms. Albert, you may do so via e-mail at: query (at) thebookeralbertagency (dot) com, using the criteria listed on her agency’s website here.

Also, don’t forget to follow Ms. Albert on twitter: @bluedragonfly81

Thanks for stopping by, friends. See you soon!

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