The 777 Challenge

February 6, 2015

Something fun for Friday:

See? Fun Friday means swings... right? 
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I found The 777 Challenge on someone’s blog, and I thought it sounded fun. You’re supposed to go to the 7th page of your WIP, to the 7th line, and take the next 7 lines to share. So, here it goes. This is an excerpt from my MG fantasy, DREW HORRIBLE. I’d love to see your 777 in the comments below, if you’re willing to post!

So Drew watched Timothy, perhaps his only friend in the world, disappear in the darkness. Everything was quiet. Even the normal night time sounds in the caves were still. As if everyone and everything was holding its breath.
Drew’s forearm prickled. The midnight gong would sound at any moment.

Forcing himself to face the inevitable, Drew gave his socks one final tug for good measure, then set off for the castle, taking care to give a wide berth to any honeyberry bushes he passed along the way.

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