Will You be... my friend?

July 18, 2013

"Remember George, no man is a failure who has friends."

~ It's a Wonderful Life

That's right, I'm starting out with a sappy movie quote.

 I could've started with this:

So let's talk about friends.

I am a Kindergarten teacher, and I see kids constantly navigating the whole "friendship" thing--how to make friends and how to be a good friend (i.e. "Tyler, when you take a bite out of Brooklyn's PB&J, she's probably not going to want to sit by you at lunch." #KindergartenFriendship101).

But that's what childhood is all about. Friends. Becoming besties. Forming arch nemesis on the playground. Becoming besties with your nemesis. 

Like so:
(Any other Avatar fans out there? This show is so super fun and cute!)

My oldest son, Parker, is two years old. He's just now learning about the word 'friend' and who his 'friends' are. When you're little, friendship is easy. You just go right up and ask someone "Will you be my friend?" Boom. Instant friend. 

When you're a little older it's definitely more awkward, isn't it? You don't ask somebody's permission (well, you might... but then you probably won't get the answer you're looking for) but it's something that happens over time.

But what about on the internet? 

I am starting this blog because I know there is an awesome community of authors out there and  I'd like this blog to be a place where writers--aspiring, published, or otherwise--can come, put their feet up and make some writing friends. Where we can encourage each other and share ideas. 

But I need your help. 
I need you. (uhh... and not in any kind of creepy, stalker way, I promise!)

So, how 'bout it? 

Will you be my friend? :)

(okay, that wasn't sooo bad)

Have you found ways to connect to other writers online? Maybe even found a critique partner or two? If so, please tell us your secrets! What benefits have you found in connecting to other writers online? 


  1. I have a feeling we are going to get along swimmingly. I LOVE Avatar. It's so cute and so well written, especially being a cartoon.

    I guessed you had a post in there! I was a fan of #14 so this is exciting! I like how they're anonymous, but a bit of digging will reveal anyone's identity when we all talk about what we're doing online :).

    I'm so totally honored. I think you could be my first #OfficialFanGirl, as everyone else who has come across Monstrosity is someone I know - you make me feel special! Eek!!! So excited!!

    Anywho, stopped by to follow your lovely blog here! I see you have it set to Google+ follow, but do you have regular old Blogger or Networked blogs? Those are both helpful tools to get followers. My secret to having the ones I have are as follows:
    A) Nagging. Nagged my friends and family until they started following.
    B) Acting Much like a little kid as you stated above. Sometimes it's just as easy to (as you did with me even) follow their blog, comment saying you found them and kindly ask if they'd be willing to play for team #followback.
    C) Some people will stumble upon you and fall in love. Those are the best.
    D) Post on Facebook. You'd be surprised how many you'll get just who click and follow.

    Your writing is divine and I'm so glad to have met you! Yay!!

  2. Hi Megan,

    Well, any friend of Kelsey's is a friend of mine, so just dropping by to say, "Howdy!" I can do that because I'm from Texas.

    Connections: mostly from in person meeting or in the vicarious sense of having been at the same event with someone (ahem, Kelsey), some via online courses and such, and the rest just by chance- someone somewhere shared a post of mine and they came around.

    Oh, and lastly, I lov...I mean, my kids love Avatar! I just watch with them because they get scared and stuff...in every episode of every season...yep, the kids.

    Great to meet you!

    1. Rob, thanks so much for stopping by! Sounds like you've been to some writer's conferences? That's the next thing on my Author "To-Do" list, so do tell! What conferences have you been to? Do you have a favorite?

      So far, I've only met people online (which is great!) so I'd love to get out there in the real world... there are just so many conferences to choose from, I hardly know where to begin!

      Haha... I know what you mean about Avatar--it's super addicting for a cartoon! It's a fun series with a surprising amount of depth to the characters.

      Great to meet you too!

  3. Of course I'll be your friend! I love blogging friends! Plus, your site looks great. And I'm a YA fantasy author as well. So... I think that means we'll be besties!

    1. YAY for friends! :) So, I found your blog and was really drawn to your post "A Massive Amount of Notes on EBook Marketing Websites."

      I'm really super interested in this topic, so if you find me lurking around your blog, then that's why!

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

      MG/YA fantasy is the best! **fist bump**