I Love My Boys - Reason #1

July 19, 2013

Although most of this blog is dedicated to the goal of building a writing community... sometimes I might veer off topic a bit. The blog is titled 3 boys and a novel, so every now and then you might just hear about those three boys (who are my husband and two sons by the way).

So, this is my first post about my boys and why I love them. 

Reason #1 

The baby bath sets inside the bathtub when we're not using it. It leans against the wall, looking just like this:

The other day, my 2-year old sees it there and--wanting to get into the bathtub himself--says "Excuse me, the hippo."


Not only does he see a hippo when he looks at it (and can't you see it too, now that you're thinking about it?) but he calls it "the hippo." Love. Him. #toddlermanners

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