Stop Clubbing, Baby Seals! - Why Punctuation Makes a Difference

August 1, 2013

Right now, I'm having my husband (also a HS English teacher) look over my manuscript. While I have an okay eye for grammatical mistakes, to him, the errors jump off the page. And although I am SO grateful to have his help (really, I am) it makes me kind of want to... punch grammar in the face. I mean, really, does it matter that much if I'm dangling a modifier or two, or splitting the infinitive every so often? Do I have to spend hours, days, weeks making sure each word is in its place?

The answer is yes. 

Through my exhaustion of late-night edits (and re-edits) I am reminded that punctuation is important. My hard work and effort will pay off should my manuscript reach the eyes of literary agents who are considering it for representation. 

And besides, without correct grammar and punctuation, this can happen:

And this:

And, finally... this:

So there you go. No clubbing baby seals, cooking your dog, or eating grandma in your novel! :)

Happy editing to you all. 


  1. Urg. Isn't punctuation and grammar the worst? There's always SOMETHING.

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