Deciding to Write a Novel

August 11, 2013

When someone asks at what point I decided to write a novel, I wish I had a more compelling story. 

I could say that I've been writing stories since before I could write (I drew comics. Don't laugh. It's true). I could say I've always been a lover of stories, and so of course I was always destined to write a novel. 

picture from stydrobrug120

But the truth? The embarrassing--I-can't-believe-I'm-telling-you-this-truth--is that my husband and I were talking one evening, after a long day at work. I don't even remember how the topic came up, but he suddenly says, "I think we should each write a novel." And I, very eloquently replied, "Yeah! Let's do it!" 

We went to Borders (may it ever rest in peace) that very evening and bought a couple of books on how to write novels. 

Seriously. That's what happened. That's how and when I started writing my first-ever novel. 

Like I said, I wish I had a more poetic, inspiring story about how I got into writing. But... I don't. I really have been writing stories since I was a youngin,'  so writing's always been a part of my world. But the truth is I just decided to write a novel one day. And so I did. I spent months planningorganizing and excel-sheeting my story outline. Two years later, I had a shiny, polished manuscript that I was proud of. 

I had no idea that one decision would change my life, transforming my writing from just a hobby to a pursuit of a professional career.

How about you? When did you decide to write your first novel? Do you consider your writing to be a hobby or something more? 


  1. My first novel came about when I was twelve. It will never see the llight of day now (may it, too, RIP) but I remember it was the first time I got a story to 100 pages.

    I started writing stories in my journal in first grade. The first novel I ever wrote with plans to publish came about on a whim, when I decided to enter a contest. I got such good feedback on it, I decided to expand it, and it's gone from there!

  2. Katie, it's so nice of you to post comments :) It's nice to know at least one person reads my posts--haha.

    That's really cool about the contest. Sometimes we just need someone else to tell us that our work is "good" in order to believe in ourselves. I love that you had a writing journal in first grade! That's so cute!

    Thanks again for sharing.