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I am currently in the process of writing two different book series.

DREW HORRIBLE is the first book in my Middle Grade Fantasy series. 

Villain school's no joke. Failing grades and an sister rival are bad enough. 
As heir to the evil throne, Drew's no good at being bad--but when a deadly outbreak looms, he must "evil up" to save his kingdom. 

For more info about DREW, go here.

The DAX PELUSO series is a Middle Grade fantasy quartet where magic and destiny collide with all kinds of awkward. 

After a particularly bizarre morning, involving an ugly birthday sweater and burnt toast, 13-year-old Dax finds out he is actually from another world, where he is heir to the throne--which might be kind of awesome if his super evil uncle weren’t sitting on it. The no-good, greedy king has found a new way to terrorize his hijacked Kingdom, and this time the consequences are deadly. To stop his uncle, Dax must learn a few new dance moves, wrestle a chicken, and sport a fitted...a little too jumpsuit before there's nothing... and no one left to save.

For more info about DAX, go here.

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